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Reply to Media Messages like Voice, Photo or Video with AutoResponder

AutoResponder can not only auto reply to text messages, but also to media, such as voice messages, photos, videos, documents, locations or others.

Please note, however, that for technical reasons it is unfortunately not possible to read their content and replying to media messages is unfortunately not supported by Signal. If you want to send media automatically, please check here.

Reply to Media messages and attachments with AutoResponder

Spanish? Entonces mira este video de YouTube.

How to automatically reply to media messages?

Replying to media messages is quite simple. Just check your messenger's status bar notification once you receive a media message. It contains the text that you can use in your AutoResponder rule.

Note that the exact text depends on the messenger and language of your device.


Notification when receiving a location message
Notification when receiving a location message

So, to automatically reply to a location message, you just need to enter the following text including the pushpin emoji in your AutoResponder rule, which is set to Exact match:

📌 Location

Notification when receiving a photo
Notification when receiving a photo

For automatic replies to photos the same applies as for locations. However, the text in the notifications may disappear once the photo has been automatically downloaded by the messenger. Take note of the text before the photo is downloaded or temporarily disable the auto-download of media in the settings of your messenger. Here you can enter the following in combination with the Exact Match option:

📷 Photo

Notification when receiving a voice message
Notification when receiving a voice message

Voice messages are a special case. The duration is often included in the text. Therefore the Exact Match option does not work here. Instead, use Pattern Matching with the following text:

🎤 Voice message*

If you don't have Premium, you can probably also use Similarity Match:

🎤 Voice message

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