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Delay in Seconds with Min and Max in AutoResponder

Delaying automated replies with AutoResponder is simple. You can either set a fixed delay or a random delay within a certain range. This will help you imitate a human response time that is not instantaneous and not always the same. You can also delay messages for other reasons.

Delaying replies in AutoResponder

Where can I find the option to delay replies?

You can set delays separately in different places:

  • In an AutoResponder rule, to delay the reply of the rule after receiving a message.

  • For the Multiple Replies option in an AutoResponder rule, to delay all replies except the first one when sending multiple replies at once.

  • In the General settings of AutoResponder to apply a delay for all rules, if not specified otherwise in any rule.

How do I set a delay using Min and Max?

Min and Max specifies the range in seconds within which a delay is randomly selected for each response.

For example, write 10 (Min) and 60 (Max) to send messages delayed between 10 seconds and one minute.

If you want to delay replies for a fixed number of seconds, you must write the same number in both Min and Max.

For example, write 30 (Min) and 30 (Max) to delay messages for exactly 30 seconds.


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