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Tasker Plugin for WhatsApp, Telegram and other Messengers

With AutoResponder as a Tasker or MacroDroid plugin, you can automate almost everything on your device using messengers. You can forward incoming WhatsApp, Telegram and other messages to Tasker to run all kinds of different tasks. At the same time, you can create tasks to automatically configure your AutoResponder or send direct replies. Tasks can also be triggered by other actions on your device. There are so many possibilities that you can't even imagine. Check out the examples below.

Use AutoResponder as a Tasker Plugin for WhatsApp, Telegram and other Messengers

What you need

All you need is Tasker (you can find a trial version in the Google Play listing) (or the free alternative MacroDroid) and AutoResponder for a messenger of your choice. Install both apps on your Android device and you are ready to go.

How it works

I am only giving a brief introduction to using Tasker in combination with AutoResponder, as I cannot explain all the features of Tasker itself. There are simply far too many. Please check out general tutorials like this.

Within the AutoResponder app in the left hand menu you will find an entry called Tasker. This will show you short instructions and the variables that AutoResponder passes to Tasker and which it gets back when an event or task was triggered.

The rest takes place directly in Tasker. AutoResponder will be used as a plugin from within that app. So first open Tasker. There you will find the categories Profiles and Tasks.

In the Profiles, you specify that Tasker should do something when, for instance, a message is received or an AutoResponder rule is triggered. To add a profile, tap +, select Event, then Plugin and finally AutoResponder. Then click on the pencil next to Configuration. Select which event should be the trigger for an action that we will create next. Then go back until Tasker asks you to add a task to your profile.

Note that the AutoResponder profile passes its own variables to Tasker. Those can be used in the connected tasks. This includes, for example, the received message or sender which help you filter or use messages within tasks. The available variables can be viewed within the AutoResponder app in the left hand menu under Tasker.

Create a new Task with a custom name. Then tap +, Plugin and AutoResponder. Click on the pencil next to Configuration and choose what AutoResponder should do automatically whenever the task was triggered manually or by any profile. Note that you can use any of the Tasker variables (or AutoResponder variables like described above) in the add and edit rule screens of AutoResponder to create rules with new updated information.

Instead of the AutoResponder profiles and tasks you can also use any of the features Tasker offers. You can even install and connect other 3rd party plugins if you are missing certain functionality.


Each paragraph represents an example of what you can do with Tasker (Some of the examples are just for fun):

Process incoming messages and send direct replies to your messengers through Tasker. You can even connect to any 3rd party APIs or get specific information from your device. Tasker can even send a user to specific submenus. Learn how.

Reply with images and other media automatically. Learn how.

Link AutoResponder rules to a corresponding task to deactivate them for all users after a single or x executions for example.

Automatically add contacts to your address book.

Log the execution of certain rules and send them by SMS or simply write them in a file etc.

Activate AutoResponder when you leave home or go to work.

Enable certain AutoResponder rules when you start your favourite game or video streaming app.

Automatically create user-specific rules with custom data for each user who writes to you.

Update certain automatic replies regularly with your current location or other device-specific information.

Automatically add the content of received messages or SMS to your AutoResponder rules.

Toggle rules depending on the state of connected devices. This works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and so on.

Reply with a text message or a phone call when you receive a specific message.

Remotely control your device when receiving specific messages from certain people.

Connect to servers to get information or forward messages to a server.

Have a computer voice read aloud all or certain incoming messages.

Automatically add appointments to your calendar when a specific rule is executed.

There are endless other examples of how you can use AutoResponder as a Tasker plugin for your messengers. Just experiment a little and have fun!


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