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Wait for Tasker reply (Send direct replies using Tasker)

AutoResponder now lets you send instant messenger replies through Tasker. So you can forward incoming messages to Tasker, automate tasks there, connect to any API or get information from your device and then have this response returned directly to AutoResponder and sent to your messenger.

Check what you can do with Tasker here.

Send direct replies using AutoResponder as a Tasker plugin.

What you need

You only need Tasker (you can find a trial in the store listing) and AutoResponder for a messenger of your choice. Install both apps on your Android device and get started.


1. Create a new rule in AutoResponder in which you enable Wait for Tasker reply. Then save the rule.

Screenshot of the "Wait for Tasker reply" option.
The "Wait for Tasker reply" option in your rule.

2. Open Tasker and create a new Profile > Event > Plugin > AutoResponder > Configure. Here you tap on the rule you just created.

3. Go back until you can associate a task with the new profile. It's important that this profile is connected with the reply task you will now create.

4. Within the new task, add an action with + and tap Plugin > AutoResponder > Configure. There use the Reply option. You can add any variables from Tasker. If you decide to not send a reply, make sure to select the Don't reply option so that AutoResponder can release the waiting time.

Screenshot of the Tasker direct reply option including an example variable and the Go to rule option.
Enter a reply message. Use variables from Tasker.

5. Optionally, enter a rule ID in the Go to rule section. It is used to direct users to specific submenus using Tasker. Please check that info article.

NOTE: Always return a reply to a rule with Wait for Tasker reply enabled. Otherwise, AutoResponder will freeze any replies until the rule times out (25 seconds each)(if it happens and you can't wait, just restart your device). If you don't want to send a reply, return ### as the reply and the rule cancels immediately.

TIP: You can also use the Multiple Replies feature here. Just separate multiple messages with <#>. For example:

message 1<#>message 2


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