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Create Submenus and Conversation Flows in AutoResponder

With the Submenu feature of AutoResponder you can add further rules to any rule to make them executable only after the specific rule has been triggered last. You can find the setting at the bottom of each rule.

For example, you can create conversation flows with multiple follow-up questions to get information from a user. You can also create several different submenus where the options can all be selected with e.g. 1, 2 and 3 - depending on which submenu the user is currently in. Have a look at the instructions below.

Follow these steps to use the Submenu feature in AutoResponder

1. Add an AutoResponder rule which replies with the first question or available menu options.

2. Save ✔ the rule and open it again.

3. Scroll down to the Submenu option and tap +.

4a. Configure the subrule to match one of your available menu options and save ✔.

4b. Instead of multiple options you can also add just one subrule which replies to all messages to continue your conversation flow with the next question. Save ✔ the new subrule.

5. Repeat step 4a until all available menu options are covered.

6. Additionally you can let the user choose again in case of a wrong input. Therefore add another subrule with +.

7. Tap the All button in the upper right corner of the new subrule to answer all messages which don't match one of the available options and enter a reply.

8. Scroll down to the Submenu option and enable Go to rule > Previous.

9. Save ✔ the new subrule.

10. In order to give the user the possibility to leave the menu, you can add another subrule with +.

11. As the received message type any cancel option you like, then enter a reply and save ✔.

12. Now you should have something like this:

13. Repeat everything from step 3 to create further submenus within any subrule.

14. Additionally you can jump to other menu rules by using the Go to rule > Custom ID option to make their subrules executable. Note that jumping to a menu does not trigger its reply. You can find the ID at the top of a rule:

15. That's it! You now have submenus and conversation flows for your chats.


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