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How to Test your AutoResponder Rules

AutoResponder provides a test feature for your rules and settings so you don't always have to ask friends to send you a test message. You can simply send a message to your own test chat.

Testing AutoResponder rules

Where do I find the test chat?

You can find the test feature of AutoResponder located in the action bar at the top.

Test chat feature of AutoResponder in action bar at the top

It looks like a normal chat screen of your favorite messenger. Send a message and let AutoResponder reply with the help of your rules and settings.

Testing as another user or as a group

By default, all test messages are sent and received as a random user (not group!). Group-only rules will not work unless you switch the test user to a group.

You can always change the user by opening the three-dot menu of the test chat in the upper right corner. There are following options:

  • Custom name (Set a name to test AutoResponder from the perspective of a specific user.)

  • Random name (Random user to retest the Welcome Message or reset paused rules or submenus.)

  • Switch to group/user (Required to test your group-only rules.)

  • Version of messenger (By default all enabled rules can be triggered when testing. Use this option to only test rules that are set to work for the particular messenger version.)

  • Set default name (Start the test chat with this name instead of a random one. With this test user, features like Welcome Message can only be executed once, paused rules remain paused and submenus remain in their current state.)

You can view the currently active user or group in the first displayed test message.


If the automatic test replies don't work even though your rules are correct, please check the FAQ under the Issues tab at "My AutoResponder is not working. What can I do?".


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