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How to send replies only at Specific Times with AutoResponder

Do you only want to reply automatically when your shop is open or closed, when you're on lunch break, busy, or just at certain times of the day? Then use the Specific Times option in your AutoResponder rule. You can set different times for each day of the week and several time spans within a day.

It is also possible to create multiple identical rules with different replies for different times, for example, to give a different answer to the same question depending on the time of the day.

Specific times feature in AutoResponder

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1. Add an AutoResponder rule.

2. Configure the rule as you like.

3. Select the Specific Times option.

4. Enter the times for each day according to the following criteria (12-hour am/pm and 24-hour format supported):

  • A blank field indicates no answers on that day.

  • To reply the whole day, just write 0-24

  • Separate hours and minutes with . or : like 8.15

  • Add a time range with - like 8.15-16.30

  • Separate time ranges with , like 8.15-16.30,20-23:30

  • Important: You can NOT write something like 20-8 because each day ends at midnight. Instead, split it up into different days: 0-8,20-24

5. That's it! You can now save your rule and add another one if you like.



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