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Add randomness to your replies with AutoResponder

You don't want to always send the same replies to everyone? Choose between several options that will help you to adapt AutoResponder exactly to your needs. You can even set the probability with which a certain rule should be executed.

This enables you to make your chats more human or, for example, create random conversation flows where different users are guided in different directions.

Create random replies with a certain probability using AutoResponder

Make your AutoResponder more human

Besides the Delay option, you can also use different randomness options to keep the chat from becoming monotonous.

The simplest way is probably the Random option of the Multiple replies feature. You can find it directly below the Reply message field within any rule. Just add several messages with + and click on Random. AutoResponder will then always send a random one of the set responses whenever the rule is triggered.

Another cool feature can be found in the Answer replacements. There are several random variables, but probably the most interesting is this one: %rndm_custom_1_😊,😂,😎%

With this, you can randomly generate different parts within a message and, for example, always insert different emojis or different words. Simply change the number that defines the number of characters or words to be randomly generated and separate the variants with commas.

Reply with certain probabilities

The option Only reply with a certain probability is located in the Conditions section of each rule. There are several ways in which this feature can be used. You can either use it on its own or in combination with other similar rules.

If you want to use the option for itself, it is relatively straightforward. Simply enter the probability (as a decimal like 0.5 instead of 50%. Just divide by 100.) with which the rule should be executed, otherwise it will not be executed and either another rule can be executed or none at all.

You can achieve greater functionality by combining several identical rules with different probabilities, e.g. in a Submenu to create different conversation flows for different users. Note that the rule that is higher in the list is always executed first.

For example, if you have two identical rules with different replies, both of which should be executed with a 50% probability, it would be wrong to write 0.5 for both rules. Instead, you set 0.5 for the first rule and deactivate the option for the second rule so that it is always executed if the first rule has not already been triggered.

With more than two rules, it gets a bit more complicated, but that is also possible. No matter how many of similar rules with certain probabilities you want to combine, you always have to do the same calculation:

Calculate the probabilities for AutoResponder if you want to combine multiple rules

In this example, there are four rules, all of which are to be executed with a probability of 25%. It is important that all of these rules by themselves would match the incoming message. Then calculate the individual probabilities for each rule using the image above. Rule A is the top rule in the rule list while rule D is the lowest.


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